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Blockchain based enterprise solutions.
Blockchain based enterprise solutions.
Blockchain based enterprise solutions.


Smart Insurance

Consensus Chain

Robust KYC

Robust KYC, is built on the top of Blockchain Technology, seamlessly enables enterprises to share customer data securely with genuine authentication.

Blockchain based enterprise solutions.
  • A distributed ledger shared among different enterprises ( eg. Banks, Insurance, Telecom providers etc.)
  • Felicitates near real time KYC details exchange with genuine user authentication.
  • Inter or  intra enterprise verification facility.
  • Reduces processing cost substantially.

Smart Insurance

An efficient & transparent claim management system on the top of blockchain technology designed exclusively for health insurance.

Blockchain based enterprise solutions.
  • A single ledger shared among all the stakeholders ( e.g. Customer, Provider, Pathology labs, TPA, Insurer etc.)
  • Contains smart contract which encoded with the promise between insurer and customer.
  • Easy information sharing between all the stakeholders & easy access to information with genuine authentication.
  • Consensus based system, which eliminates manual reconciliation between different stakeholders.

Consensus Chain

Consensus chain is an international supply chain network built on the top of Blockchain technology, which enables all the stakeholders to securely share the transaction details of shipping goods efficiently

Blockchain based enterprise solutions.
  • All  the involved parties are part of a Blockchain Network ( eg.Importer, Exporter, insurer, shipping firm, forwarders and .banks etc.)
  • Proper tracking of goods during transportation.
  • Consensus based transparent and immutable shipping data flow to the concerned parties.
  • Smart contract enables transaction promises between parties involved.

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